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Keaton, a dynamic and influential coach delivers impactful presentations that delve into entrepreneurship, unwavering work ethic, self-belief, and the art of pushing one’s boundaries.

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Keaton Hoskins, also known as The Muscle, is a successful entrepreneur and business owner who has started and operated 22 companies in various industries, including a personal training company, gym, dental office, plastic surgery clinic, apparel company, and sports training for youth companies. He has built an 8-figure business and has found financial success in every business he has launched, spending no more than $7,500 to start or launch any of them.

Keaton has implemented his business success principles in all aspects of his life and believes that true happiness and success come from being successful in all aspects of life, not just financially. He has written a book, been on a TV show, and has created relationships with influential people.

His goal is to create a society where people no longer believe in any limits and to help others grow in their dreams, goals, and aspirations. 


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